Finance Council
The Finance Council's role is to ensure the continuing financial
health of our Parish. This includes operating budgets, cemeteries,
maintenance expenses, and the monitoring of parish investments.  
If you have any questions or concerns please contact any of the
following Financial Council members listed below.

John Mickelson                                                   
Ron Farley                                                       
Gary Ida                                                   
Gerald Pryse                                            
Myrthe McCarthy                                   
Parish Council
The Parish Council is an advisory board to the Pastor on issues
concerning our Parish.  If you have anything you would like
discussed, a question or concern, please contact one of the
Parish Council members listed below.

Chris Woodford - Chair
Terry Allen
Jan Harper
Matt Krische
Becky Adamski-Krische
Sharon Anderson
Jim Lahti
Sacred Worship Subcommittee:  The Sacred Worship Committee
meets regularly to discuss items related to liturgy, including the decor
of our churches.  Meetings are the last Tuesday of every month from
6:30PM to 7:30PM, in the Parish Center.  This year we are focusing
on the "Year of Faith".

     Contact person:  Liz Wilson at
Social Justice Subcommittee:  The Social Justice Committee meets
monthly, except during the summer.  This committee promotes and
coordinates the parish activities related to peace and justice.  Activities
include "Souper Bowl" Sunday, Community Table, volunteering at
Beacon House, family homeless shelter, Feed My People food bank
and more!

     Contact person:  Sandy Robbers at
Family Life Subcommittee:  The Family Life Committee meets on the
first Tuesday of every-other month (September, November, January,
March, and May) at 6PM in the Parish Center.

     Contact person:  Jeanne Reber at
Education Subcommittee:  The Catholic Education Committee is to
assist the Parish Council in fostering the educational aspects of the
parish, which include adult education, youth faith formation, and
evangelization.  The Education Committee meets 6PM - 7PM on the
first Tuesday of every month (prior to the Parish Council meetings)
unless otherwise noted.  

     Contact person:  Michelle Bowe at