Welcome to the Mother Parish of Eau Claire!  Formed from St. Peter's Mission, it became St. Patrick's
in 1865.   In 1882, Fr. John G. Collins completed a new $35,000.00 church building in the remote
Fire destroyed the church on Oct 7, 1884.  High water delayed the firemen until a steam ferry
transported the engine.  James T. Campbell, a young man of the parish, rescued the Blessed
Sacrament from the church.  Later, on June 30, 1895 he celebrated his First Mass as the parish's first
priest-son.  The present church was rebuilt by fall of 1885.

The legendary priest, Fr. A.B.C. Dunne ("Convert Maker of the West") was pastor from 1889 to 1927.
His popular Lenten lectures filled the church to capacity with Catholics and Protestants alike. Legend
has it William Jennings Bryan remarked that if he'd talked like Fr. Dunne, he'd have been President of
the United States! Fr. Dunne invited Sr. Anatolia, OSB (who knew General Custer), and three other
Benedictine sisters (including his sister, Sr. Theodore) from St Joseph MN to run the school in 1892. A
new school was erected in 1906, a convent in 1909 and rectory in 1914.

Fr. Dunne's assistant, Fr. Casper E. Dowd, succeeded him as pastor from 1927-1946. He introduced a
four year high school in 1931, the predecessor of Regis High School built in 1953 by then parish
assistant & principal, Fr. John J. Paul ( former Bishop). Under Fr. Bernard McGarty, the present
renovation was completed 1976 by the Conrad Schmitt Studio winning many architectural awards. Of
special interest are the Stations of the Cross by Munich artist, Martin Feuerstein, and the delicate
stained glass windows by the Emil Frei Glass Co. The sonorous 20 rank Kimball organ (1920's?) was
rebuilt in 1983 by the Gustav Fabry Co of Chicago. Buildings reflect faith; our parish has given the
Church over 30 priestly and 55 religious vocations.

On January 1, 1999, after 124 years, Saint Patrick and Sacred Heart Parishes were united. If the "past
is prologue", we have a bright future together.

We'd love to have you worship with us. As one parishioner puts it: "As long as you're at St. Patrick's,
you're Irish!"

For all that has been….THANKS; for all that will be…..YES!"

Dag Hammarskjold